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A holistic way to improve your health.

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What is Acupuncture?


Acupuncture is a complex healing system that has been practiced in China for over 4000 years. When we are unwell it is a reflection of our physical, mental or spiritual body being in disharmony. The purpose of acupuncture is to treat the disharmonies by re-balancing the body’s natural energy flow, known in China as Qi (Chi), ensuring  Yin and Yang energies are in harmony. This is achieved by inserting very fine needles into specific points on the body, connecting with the natural Qi system. The body is then offered the ability to  re-balance itself and return to a state of good health and harmony.

A little about me
  • ​In practice for over 27 years

  • Fully qualified and insured

  • Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners

What can be treated?

The British Register of Complementary Practitioners & The British Acupuncture Council recognize the treatment of:



  • Fertility Issues                                 . Symptoms from Chemotherapy  

  • Gynecological Disorders               .  Symptoms from Radiotherapy

  • Menopausal Syndrome                 .  Post Operative Recovery

  • Long COVID-19 Symptoms            .  Post Viral Syndrome 

  • Migraines                                          .  Skin Conditions

  • Headaches                                        .  Strengthen Immune System

  • Stress                                                 .  Hypertension                                                      

  • Anxiety                                               .  Painful Conditions                                       

  • Depression                                        .  Neuralgia

  • IBS & Digestive Disorders               .  Bell's Palsy           




Beauty Within Medi - Spa

10 High Street


Vale of Glamorgan

CF71 7AG                 


Tel: 07443 428380

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